Snow kick-sledding Everyone in the family will enjoy snow kick-sledding.

Discover this new winter sport !

As a centennial tradition, the snow kick-sled is enjoyed by more than 5 millions people in scandinavian countries. Mijocama Outfitter gives you the opportunity to try this sport.

Children or adults, snow kick-sledding is a great fun for everyone ! Resemble to the dog-sleigh, without the dogs, the snow kick-sled is often used in great north expeditions.

There is different snow kick-sled models, for children, teenagers and adults.

More than just being a great pleasure on snow and ice, it is also an excellent way to stay in shape. And, when it is time to take a rest, snow kick-sled becomes a confortable chair.

Easy to use, snow kick-sled is solid made and secure. So, whatever your age or your physical conditions (even the motory reduced persons will enjoyed it) snow kick-sled is a great device to renew with winter outdoor.

Renting: $ 25 a day

Taxes not included !

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